Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering (2019)

Advisor: Dr. Kamal Youcef-Toumi, Director of MIT Mechatronics Research Laboratory

Research: Design of an Omnidirectional Soft Tactile Sensor with Applications in Leak Detection

California Institute of Technology

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering with a Minor in Aerospace Engineering (2017)

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Badescu, M., Okamoto, T., Backes, P., Moreland, S., Riccobono, D., Kugel, M., Brinkman, A., Choukroun, M., Molaro, J., Newbold, T., Heness, A. (2021). The Dual-Rasp Sampling System Design with Closed Pneumatic Sample Transfer. IEEE Aerospace Conference Proceedings, 1–11.

Choukroun, M., Backes, P., Cable, M., Fayolle, E., Hodyss, R., Murdza, A., … Okamoto, T., Riccobono, D., Zacny, K. (2021). Sampling Plume Deposits on Enceladus’ Surface to Explore Ocean Materials and Search for Traces of Life or Biosignatures. The Planetary Science Journal, 2, 100.

Choukroun, M., Backes, P., Cable, M., Hodyss, R., Badescu, M., Molaro, J., Moreland, S., Nordheim, T., Okamoto, T., Zacny, K. (2021). Sampling Ocean Materials, Traces of Life or Biosignatures in Plume Deposits on Enceladus’ Surface. Bulletin of the AAS, 53.

Clark, E. B., Branch, A., Castano, R., Fenty, I., Gebara, C., Kourchians, A., Limonadi, D., Madhok, G., McGarey, P., Mechentel, F., Okamoto, T., Rignot, E., Rossi, F., Santos, B., Schachter, J., Schodlok, M., Schoelen, D., Stanton, T., Vander Hook, J., … Zapien, X. (2021). IceNode: a Buoyant Vehicle for Acquiring Well-Distributed, Long-Duration Melt Rate Measurements under Ice Shelves. Global Oceans Conference.

Dhaouadi, W., Marteau, E., Kolvenbach, H., Choukroun, M., Molaro, J. L., Hodyss, R., Backes, P., Moreland, S., Badescu, M., Okamoto, T., & others. (2020). Robotic Exploration of Enceladus’ Surface: Sampling, Testing, and Modeling. IROS Workshop on Planetary Exploration Robots: Challenges and Opportunities (PLANROBO20).

Okamoto, T. (2019). Design of an omnidirectional soft tactile sensor with applications in leak detection [Master’s Thesis, MIT]. MIT DSpace

Honors and Awards

• 2021 JPL Discovery Award - for successful Zero Gravity field test for the Enceladus Dual-Rasp system

2017 Robert L. Noland Leadership Award – for exceptional leadership abilities and for encouraging leadership in others

2016 Henry Ford II Scholar Award – for best academic record of mechanical engineers at Caltech in my class

• International RoboSub Competition: 1st Place Winner (2016), 4th Place Finalist (2015), Best New Entry (2014)

• Admitted to Tau Beta Pi (2016) – Engineering Honor Society

Research Interests

Robotic Systems

Sampling Mechanisms

Space Exploration

Rapid Prototyping

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

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